Born and raised in Portsmouth, NH


Born and raised in Portsmouth, NH, Pamboukes founded Port City Mopeds as a high school senior in 2007. Cruise the streets of Portsmouth for long enough and you're bound to see him riding a blazing streak of French glory, his Motobecane 40T. Always willing to lend a hand, if you break down in his neighborhood you can bank on getting home safely... whether you're on your own bike or on the book rack of his.


Port City Mopeds has a long-running history of hiring on only the most dedicated, qualified individuals for our service technician staff.  Keeping this tradition running, PC'P brought in Zach in the Summer of 2014 to help Steve keep up with the ballistic, vehement, frothing-at-the-mouth Hydra that is our scooter service docket.  Our Polish-American hero chooses wrench over sword when it comes to smiting our mythical moped adversaries; his spanner-wielding skills are complemented quite well by his in-depth understanding of the magic and sorcery that causes the fire to burn in the bellies of these ball-bearing laden beasts... by that we mean he was educated with the best of 'em as a UNH Mechanical Engineering student - he knows why bolts break, fuel mixes with air, and spark can jump an air gap.  He's a sharp one for sure, and he'll beat the living daylight out of your moped if you get it anywhere near him.  I mean… he'll fix it... he'll fix your moped if you get it anywhere near him!