1978 Motobecane 50V Mobylette

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1978 Motobecane 50V Mobylette


The Motobecane Mobylette is the iconic vintage European moped.  We're pretty keen on these classy commuters - with French styling, superior performance, and an authentically retro aura, its hard not to develop a love affair with these "Mobys".

This particular beauty, in bleu, has been restored to excellent condition -Restoration features:

  • Fully rebuilt engine, new main bearings and shaft seals
  • New tires and tubes
  • Upgraded solid state CDI ignition
  • Upgraded Del'Lorto carburetor
  • New grips, cables, controls, and a full tune-up
  • A jumbo sized double "blimp" seat, just asking to float you and your beau away on a pleasant summer junket.  

She's been thoroughly tested and approved, so we're happy to send her home to her new owner, along with our tried and true Vintage Moped Warranty



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