2018 Honda Ruckus Clone Mk.II


2018 Honda Ruckus Clone Mk.II

1,699.00 1,749.00

2/21/18 - Available for pre-order!  Order yours now at the early bird special price of $1,699 and have it delivered no later than 4/1/18!    

Ready to step up your game?  We put a little more oomph into these Mk.II Clones, and now they're ready to Ruck.  Improved acceleration and top speed will make you and your scoot a couple of bonafide road bosses.  

These scooters are made as replicas to the popular Ruckus - a "clone", if you will - we assemble them, then upgrade them to meet our exacting specifications and standards. Every scooter features an upgraded battery, carburetor, and mirrors, along with other minor upgrades. Each unit has been thoroughly tested and approved before sale - so you can be confident in its superior performance and reliability.  Read all about our thoughts on them here!

Along with our tried and true warranty, at 6 months/500 miles, and a free tune-up at 300 miles, you know we've got your back out there.

These 49cc scooters require no motorcycle license to operate - just your regular ol' driver's license.

Interested in financing?  Talk to our partners at Blispay to see if they can help you out!  Fill out an application online, get approved, and get on a scooter today!

Please call to schedule a test ride or demo!

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