We're the best in the biz in vintage and modern moped, scooter, and small motorcycle repair.  Everything from your modern Honda Ruckus to your vintage Puch Maxi, we are the pros - get it done right at Port City Mopeds.

General Service, Repair, Maintenance - $70/hr

Available at $70/hr, as needed.  Bring your bike by the shop, and we'll and help determine exactly what services you need, then provide an estimate.  We'll take care of it from there.

Rush Rates - $90/hr

Need it today?  Rush rates available at $90/hr.  Rush rates guarantee we start working on your moped or scooter, same day.  We cannot guarantee we will complete service or repair same day - you never know what you may find when you get into one of these things!

Hazmat Rates - $90/hr

We can deal with grease, oil, and fumes all day long... but that biological mess on your scooter - clean it up!  We charge $90/hr to service any scooter with non-incidental amounts of mold, mildew, insect/rodent infestations, bodily fluids, etc.  Gross, I hate even thinking about it.  The additional cost covers necessary safety gear and waste disposal fees.

Flat Rate Tune-Ups - $150

We take a running moped or scooter and make it rock solid. Everything you need to make it your daily rider.  Comprehensive maintenance according to your scooter's service schedule.

A flat rate tune-up is comprehensive maintenance service performed in accordance to your scooter's factory prescribed maintenance schedule.  Includes, as necessary:

  • Oil/Transmission Fluid change
  • Spark plug change
  • Carburetor cleaning
  • Wheel alignment
  • Chain tensioning and lube
  • Cable tensioning and lube
  • Controls inspection and adjustment
  • Ignition system inspection
  • Fuel system inspection
  • A once over with a wet rag, and a good look over of the entire bike

Any labor beyond what is covered in the tune up is charged according to our $70/hr labor rate. Any parts that need to be replaced are pay-as-you-go.

Engine Rebuilds

Moped and scooter engines are well built and reliable machines, but sometimes engines are just "shot"... be it from abuse, neglect, or just tons of happy miles.  An engine rebuild is a comprehensive overhaul that will ensure that your engine is in tip-top shape and will run you into the next century. This service is usually not required except in the worst cases of engine disrepair.

Rebuilds include:

  • Crankshaft bearing replacement
  • Primary drive bearing replacement
  • New gaskets for top and bottom end
  • New oil seals

Rebuilds for the following engines:

  • Chinese GY6 or similar - $390
  • Puch E50 single speed - $275
  • Tomos A3/A35/A55 - $275
  • Motobecane AV7/AV10 - $300
  • Sachs 504/505 - $300
  • Jawa 210 - $300
  • Minarelli V1 - $300
  • Honda PA50I/II - $300

These flat rates are for engine IN HAND only. Port City Mopeds can remove  and reinstall your engine for you at our rate of $70/hr.

Performance Modifications and Customization

Sometimes you want a little more pep in your moped's step.  We may be able to help.  When seeking to enhance the performance of a moped or scooter, we generally suggest modest upgrades that will get you good bang for your buck.  In general, we will not be turning your moped into a race machine.  Instead, we can suggest a combination of carburetor, exhaust, drivetrain, and cosmetic modifications that will let you get the most out of your moped.

Our shop is outfitted with a top notch metal working and machine shop - modifications, customizations, repairs, and fabrication can be performed as needed.

Keep in mind: Mopeds and scooters were designed to be reliable, fuel efficient, and affordable to maintain.  They are not, by any standards, designed as "performance" vehicles - so try not to set your hopes too high.  Therefore, modifying these machines to make improvements to performance can be detrimental the fuel efficiency, affordability, and reliability.  So lets think long and hard before we go changing your perfectly good stock moped into something it isn't.  Sometimes its just best to let your moped be itself ;).  We reserve the right to use our best judgement to refuse modification of a vehicle.

*After any performance modifications or customizations are made to a moped, Port City Mopeds intends for the vehicle to be for off-road use only. Performance work can sometimes push your moped or scooter into the realm of street-illegality, so if you plan on taking your bike on the street it is your responsibility to register and/or insure it accordingly!  Please be safe!

Moped Pickup/Storage Policy:

We're always limited on space, and we do our best to work very quickly to get your moped serviced and back in your hands in as little time as possible.  We hope that you can respect that, and can work just as quickly to come pick up your moped after we notify you service is completed.  To emphasize the importance of this policy, Port City Mopeds reserves the right to apply a $30/day storage fee to mopeds left in our facility starting 3 days after the original notification of completion of services.  Don't worry - we don't want to apply this fee to anyone - we can work with you as you correspond promptly and schedule a pickup date within a reasonable timeframe from the notification of completion of services.